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Cactus Seeds

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  1. Carnegiea giganta   "Giant Saguaro cactus"

    Carnegiea giganta "Giant Saguaro cactus"

    Tall column cactus to 60" branching with age. Deep vertical ridges run the length of the cactus.White flowers open in daylight. One of the largest tree-like cacti known. Learn More
  2. ECHINOCACTUS grusonii "Golden Barrel cactus"

    ECHINOCACTUS grusonii "Golden Barrel cactus"

    Exceedingly slow growing. Large beautiful globe with curved yellow spines topped with golden yellow flowers. Learn More
  3. ECHINOCEREUS berlandieri

    ECHINOCEREUS berlandieri

    Hanging basket type cactus with 3/4" long cylinders that grow to 1' in length. Prolific masses of huge purple flowers. Learn More
  4. ECHINOPSIS obrepanda "Hedgehog cactus"

    ECHINOPSIS obrepanda "Hedgehog cactus"

    A mix of many types of these colorful flowering clumping cacti, sometimes called hedgehogs. Learn More


    A mixture of several barrel cacti, colorful, large, and small types. Learn More


    A generous mixture of various types of cactus and succulents. Consists of a mix of the many different species that are listed on our website - Cactus, Aloe, Yucca and others. Mixture of various types of cactus, some barrel, column, old man cactus, etc. Learn More
  7. GLANDULICACTUS mathssoni  "Fish hook cactus"

    GLANDULICACTUS mathssoni "Fish hook cactus"

    A globular cactus covered with attractive strong hooked spines. Its flowers are an unique coppery color. Learn More
  8. LITHOPS mixture

    LITHOPS mixture

    They look like 1" round stones with colorful flowers on top. Native to South Africa. Seeds are extremely small. Learn More
  9. LOBIVIA cactus mixture

    LOBIVIA cactus mixture

    Very popular clumping type cacti. Both globular and round shaped. Short with very colorful flowering. Learn More
  10. MAMMILARIA conothele

    MAMMILARIA conothele

    Round light green bodied plant with tubercles. Large, tipped with one long upstanding spine with circular structure of small white to brownish spines surrounding it. Native of old Mexico. Learn More
  11. REBUTIA cactus  mixture

    REBUTIA cactus mixture

    Small, clumping and free flowering types mostly from Peru and other mountain regions. Learn More
  12. Thelocactus conothele

    Thelocactus conothele

    Native to Mexico - Slow growing columnar cactus to 1'. A notable characteristic of this specie is the flower color. It may range from deep yellow to orange or rarely almost red flowers - most unusual among Mexican cacti. Learn More
  13. TRICHOCEREUS spachianus  "Torch cactus"

    TRICHOCEREUS spachianus "Torch cactus"

    From the Andes. Torch cactus with 3' arms, with huge white nocturnal flowers.. Learn More

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