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  1. ALPINIA galanga "Galanga, Spice Ginger"

    ALPINIA galanga "Galanga, Spice Ginger"

    Grows to 6'. Flowers are white and full red. Tastes of ginger with pepper. Grow in full sun or part shade. Learn More
  2. ALPINIA species  "Shell ginger"

    ALPINIA species "Shell ginger"

    Grows up to 10' with wine, white colored bracts. Very fragrant. Learn More
  3. COSTUS barbatus

    COSTUS barbatus

    The segmented stems spiral to 8'. Produces large, bright red and yellow bracts. Grow in part sun to full sun. Learn More
  4. COSTUS speciosus - rhizome - "Spiral Ginger"

    COSTUS speciosus - rhizome - "Spiral Ginger"

    Growing to 12', the spiraling stems are reed like and segmented with abundant glossy oval leaves. Red bracts grow tipped with white flowers. Learn More
  5. CURCUMA longa "Turmeric"

    CURCUMA longa "Turmeric"

    This pink to white flowering ginger matures at 4'. Hardy to zone 6. Grows in partial shade or full sun. Learn More
  6. HEDYCHIUM coronarium "Butterfly Ginger"

    HEDYCHIUM coronarium "Butterfly Ginger"

    Grows up to 6', with white colored flowers that are very fragrant. Learn More
  7. HEDYCHIUM flavescens "Yellow Ginger"

    HEDYCHIUM flavescens "Yellow Ginger"

    Grows to 6' with very fragrant dark yellow flowers. Grow in partial shade. Learn More
  8. ZINGIBER officionale "Canton Ginger"

    ZINGIBER officionale "Canton Ginger"

    Leafy stems grow to 2' with leaves that grow to 7" x 3/4". Bracts are on separate stems with dense 3" spikes that are yellow and green. This ginger is cultivated mainly for its edible rhizome. Learn More
  9. ZINGIBER spectabilis "Beehive Ginger"

    ZINGIBER spectabilis "Beehive Ginger"

    Has yellow and white curled bracts in its handsome shaped beehive flowerhead. Desirable to florists. Grows to 6' and produces its flowers in clusters 8" across on a 2' stem. Learn More
  10. ZINGIBER zerumbet "Shampoo Ginger"

    ZINGIBER zerumbet "Shampoo Ginger"

    Named because of the sudsy juices found in the flower bracts that had long been used a natural shampoo. A leafy 2' ginger with aromatic leaves and rhizome. Its flowering heads are 3" long and pinecone in shape with green to red over lapping bracts that are borne on a 1" stalk. Its leaves are 8" x 3". Learn More

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