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Oriental Vegetables

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  1. Asparagus Bean "Dow Guak"

    Asparagus Bean "Dow Guak"

    Harvest when pods are young and tender. The mild sweet taste is quite different from other beans. Suggest that you chop into small pieces and stir fry with garlic, oil, soy sauce and blend with pork, ham, and peppers. Sow in June, harvest in August. Support the vines on snow fencing. Learn More
  2. Bitter Melon "Foo Gwa"

    Bitter Melon "Foo Gwa"

    Physical appearance is like a very warty skinned green cucumber with tapered ends. Slightly bitter lemon taste. Used mainly with pork or shrimp. Sow June 15 and harvest in 75 days, when 6" long and tender. Learn More
  3. Chinese Cabbage "Tah Tsai"

    Chinese Cabbage "Tah Tsai"

    Non-heading. This new strain has good heat and cold tolerance. Its leaves are spoon shaped, and waxy green with prominent white support petioles, much like an endive or escarole. The head size is similar to leaf lettuce. Used in soups, in frying, and boiling meat dishes with other vegetables. Learn More
  4. Chinese Kale "Guy Lon"

    Chinese Kale "Guy Lon"

    Also called Chinese broccoli. Grown in cooler weather. It has sturdy green stems, large flat leaves and loose buds that do not form a head. Tender stems, leaves and buds are chopped and mixed with peppers, Bok Choi and Pe Tsai. May be sown in spring or fall. Learn More
  5. Chinese Okra "Cee Gwa".

    Chinese Okra "Cee Gwa".

    This popular vegetable is cylindrical in shape like a cucumber. It should be harvested when young and tender, about 6" long. Best used when stir fried in small pieces with chicken, bamboo shoots, and cashews. Sow indoors March 15, plant outdoors June 5, harvest August 1. Note: VEGETABLE SPONGES are made from the gourds if they are allowed to grow to maturity. Learn More
  6. Chinese Parsley "Yuen Sai"

    Chinese Parsley "Yuen Sai"

    Also known as cilantro. Very aromatic and not bitter, and has more flavor than curled types. Always in demand. Learn More
  7. Chinese Stem Mustard

    Chinese Stem Mustard

    Direct from mainland China. This strain is from the North and is quite hardy. Light green leaves are 2" wide by 8" tall with deep serrations. The entire plant is harvested at ground level. The swollen petioles develop later in the season with a very tender sweet mustard flavor. Used for fried dishes or salted pickles. Sown in early May or late July. Harvest in summer or fall. Learn More
  8. Chinese White Radish "Lo Bak"

    Chinese White Radish "Lo Bak"

    Tapered, long white, all season type. Shaped like danvers carrot. Chinese radishes are sweet flavored whereas most Japanese types are quite pungent. 55 days required to mature, with a 9-12" length. Learn More
  9. Chop Suey Green "Shungiku"

    Chop Suey Green "Shungiku"

    This is in the Chrysanthemum family. Used for its special aromatic flavor like an herb. Sow in late spring. Harvest when 4" high. Cook like spinach. Learn More
  10. Fuzzy Squash "Mao Gwa"

    Fuzzy Squash "Mao Gwa"

    Also called fuzzy gourd. They should be harvested when immature, at approximately 6" long. The light green fruits are pear shaped and have the skin texture of a peach. May be sown indoors in March or outdoors after June 5. Learn More
  11. Indian White Radish

    Indian White Radish

    Grows long, up to 2 1/2' with firm white flesh. Crisp and mild flavored. Learn More
  12. Japanese Eggplant "Black Beauty"

    Japanese Eggplant "Black Beauty"

    Purple and long. Grows for 78 days, and up to 10" long. Start indoors in cooler zones and transplant outdoors only when average temperature is at least 65F. Learn More
  13. Japanese Green Mizuna "Tokyo Beau"

    Japanese Green Mizuna "Tokyo Beau"

    A hybrid mid season broadleaf green. Vigorous growing to 5lbs. with deeply serrated green leaves that resemble chicory, or endive. The petioles are a distinct pure white. Learn More
  14. Japanese White Radish "Daiko"

    Japanese White Radish "Daiko"

    Longer than Chinese types, growing to 18". Flavor is mildly hot or pungent. Crisp white flesh. Sow in early summer for August/September harvest. Learn More
  15. Kasumi Cabbage

    Kasumi Cabbage

    Hybrid Napa type. Requires 64 days to grow. Best tolerance to bolting of any Napa type so far. Upright barrel shaped heads are slightly smaller than others. The average weight is 5lbs. Sow early or late. Learn More

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