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  1. DASYLIRION wheeleri "Desert spoon"

    DASYLIRION wheeleri "Desert spoon"

    This unique desert plant develops a thick scaly base resembling a pineapple with erect upright leaves at the top in rosette form with thin, stiff leaves. Slow growing. Very small seeds. Barely cover the seeds using a well draining soil mixture which has 20% coarse sand added to it. Water only when soil is nearly dry. Bright light. 14 seeds per packet. Learn More
  2. DELONIX regia "Royal Poinciana" , "Flamboyant"

    DELONIX regia "Royal Poinciana" , "Flamboyant"

    This 65 foot tree is one of the most conspicuous flowering trees seen in the tropics; bright red blossoms cover it. Its delicate mimosa type leaves drop before the flowering. Using well draining soil mixture plant at a depth of 1" and keep warm, damp and in bright light. Fertilize monthly. Learn More
  3. DERRIS elliptica "Tuba Root, Rotenone"

    DERRIS elliptica "Tuba Root, Rotenone"

    A twining climber that can become an enormous liana. Bright red flowers on terminal racemes with paired oval leaflets to 6". Also called "Fish poison plant". Cultivated now almost exclusively for the commercial value of the resinous substance called Rotenone. Tropical. Learn More
  4. DICTYOSPERMA album, rubrum "Hurricane palm"

    DICTYOSPERMA album, rubrum "Hurricane palm"

    Native to the Mascarene islaNnds. Long arching fronds with broad leaflets to 3' having a blackish grey trunk to 30'. Known for flowering at an early age and for its bulging base and large crownshaft. Beautiful in the landscape. Learn More
  5. DIETES Iridioides "African Iris"

    DIETES Iridioides "African Iris"

    Very popular warm climate iris but we have found it to be hardy to 25F. It develops large 3" wide flowers, white with some purple/blue tinge and yellow on outer petals. Dark green sword type leaves are arranged fan-like from creeping root stalk. Can grow indoors in sunny location. Plants multiply by forming clumps which can be divided in the fall. 14 seeds per packet. Learn More
  6. DIOON edule "Mexican cycad"

    DIOON edule "Mexican cycad"

    This popular cycad develops a stocky trunk to 6' . Its palm-like leaves are stiff and upright with numerous leaflets. The petioles become covered with furry "white wool" Our packet size contains 6 marble sized seeds. The weight of six seeds is 1 ounce . Plant at 1" depth using well draining soil mix. Keep warm and lightly moist. ( do not keep the soil wet ). Bright light. Learn More
  7. Dioon spinulosum

    Dioon spinulosum

    A beautiful tall Cycad native to Mexico. Known as one of tallest of the species reaching up to 50'. Slow growing and usually seen in warm regions at 20' heights. The seeds are large, heavy, and egg-like. Its large divided leaves give the appearance of a palm or tree fern. Its glossy leaflets are very sharp and spiny at the base of the lief. One seed may way one ounce. One hundred seeds may way up to 5 pounds. The packed contains 2 large seeds. Learn More
  8. DIOSPYROS kaki "Japanese Persimmon"

    DIOSPYROS kaki "Japanese Persimmon"

    A very popular fruit tree from the Far East now naturalized in many warm/temperate zones. The 3" fruits are bright orange, thin skinned and fleshy with a smooth sweetness. Deciduous tree to 28' with ovate leaves. 10 seeds per packet. Learn More
  9. DIOSPYROS lotus "Date Plum"

    DIOSPYROS lotus "Date Plum"

    In its native warm weather regions of the Middle East it is an extremely popular fruit tree that is also useful ornamentally. The sweet 3/4" fruits ripen to yellow/brown to blue/black. 10 seeds per packet. Learn More
  10. DIOSPYROS virginiana "Persimmon"

    DIOSPYROS virginiana "Persimmon"

    This persimmon is native to the eastern part of the U.S It produces plum sized fruits that are first green to yellow to orange when ripe although they are flavorful and sweet they are bitter and astringent until they have been subjected to frost. The seeds require stratification at 37-40 degrees F for 60-90 days. After stratification plant at 2" depth in loamy soil. Cover with mulch after planting. 10 seeds per packet. Learn More
  11. DOLICHOS biflorus

    DOLICHOS biflorus

    A fast growing annual herb with purple pea-like flowers to 3/4". Seeds may be cooked and eaten and are high in protein. Lectin is isolated from the seed and it is very high in protein. There is some application in regard to weight loss and numerous applications in traditional and Ayervedic medicine. Makes flat, curved " seed pods. 10 seeds per packet. Learn More
  12. Dolichos Lab-Lab "Hyacinth Bean"

    Dolichos Lab-Lab "Hyacinth Bean"

    An important legume in the tropics. A vigorous attractive vine with masses of purple pea-like flowers that are both beautiful and fragrant. . Can be grown as a privacy screen, as a hedge or as a hanging basket.basket. Its large seed pods are also bright purple. 8 seeds in packet. Learn More
  13. DRACAENA draco "Dragon Tree"

    DRACAENA draco "Dragon Tree"

    With maturity this Dracaena could reach 60' and develop a huge trunk with numerous stout upright branches. In warmer zones it is an impressive landscape tree. It is easily grown indoors as an ornamental plant that may be kept pruned to desired size. Its sword type leaves grow in a rosette shape. Using well draining soil mixture - plant at a depth of 1". Keep warm, damp and in bright light. Learn More
  14. DYPSIS lutescens  “Areca palm”

    DYPSIS lutescens “Areca palm”

    One of the most popular nursery palms. In the tropical landscape it may reach 39’ with arching fronds to 12’ but is easily grown indoors as a houseplant where it seldom reaches more than 10’. Multiple stems emerge from the base with a golden yellow bamboo-like appearance. 9 seeds in packet. Learn More

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