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  1. EBENOPSIS flexicaule "Texas Ebony"

    EBENOPSIS flexicaule "Texas Ebony"

    Especially desirable as a landscape tree in warmer zones. Slow growing from 18 - 30 feet it becomes lush with small paired leaflets and numerous 1/2" thorns which can make it ideal as a security screen barrier. It flowers white or yellow in dense spikes usually in May/June and produces 6" seed pods. Hardy to 25 degrees F. The wood is dark purple. Makes a desirable bonsai. Also known botanically as Pithecellobium flexicaule or as P. ebano. Plant when received using a well draining soil mixture at a 1" depth. Keep warm, only lightly moist and in bright. Learn More
  2. ECHINACEA purpurea "Purple Coneflower"

    ECHINACEA purpurea "Purple Coneflower"

    Very popular perennial with tall 3 leafy stems topped by showy purplish -pink flowers. Easily grown in nearly every state. Will flower within 1 year if started early. This genus has received much attention as a medicinal herb with beneficial application to the human immune system. Learn More
  3. ECHINOCACTUS grusonii "Golden Barrel cactus"

    ECHINOCACTUS grusonii "Golden Barrel cactus"

    Exceedingly slow growing. Large beautiful globe with curved yellow spines topped with golden yellow flowers. Learn More
  4. ECHINOCEREUS berlandieri

    ECHINOCEREUS berlandieri

    Hanging basket type cactus with 3/4" long cylinders that grow to 1' in length. Prolific masses of huge purple flowers. Learn More
  5. ECHINOPSIS obrepanda "Hedgehog cactus"

    ECHINOPSIS obrepanda "Hedgehog cactus"

    A mix of many types of these colorful flowering clumping cacti, sometimes called hedgehogs. Learn More
  6. ELAEAGNUS angustifolia "Russian olive"

    ELAEAGNUS angustifolia "Russian olive"

    Hardy ornamental tree to 25 feet with thin lanceolate leaves that are a beautiful silvery green. Slow growing. Edible berries. Fragrant flowers. Flowering and fruitation occurs in 3 years. Very popular in landscape. Capable of growing in cooler zones Virginia - Pennsylvania. Plant when received in loamy soil. Prefers full sun and moist soil. Learn More
  7. ELAEAGNUS multiflora "Goumi"

    ELAEAGNUS multiflora "Goumi"

    A beautiful tree with silvery green 1/2" leaves. Produces fragrant 1/2" flowers followed by delicious 1" red fruits Hardy to zone 5. Deciduous. Slow germinating but as with most Elaeagnus its worth the wait. Makes an outstanding bonsai. Plant at a depth of 1" using a loamy type of soil. Keep damp and in bright light. Fertilize monthly. 13 seeds per packet. Learn More
  8. ELAEIS guineensis "African oil palm"

    ELAEIS guineensis "African oil palm"

    Slow growing to 60 feet with pinnate 15 leaves, each having to 15 pairs of leaflets 24" long. Dense foliage with saw toothed petioles. Famous for its oils produced from both the seed and the seed pulp. Easily grown. Very large heavy seeds. The weight of 100 seeds is approximately 5 lb. The postage for this heavy seed will be charged at the actual cost of sending - not at the rate indicated on our postal chart. Plant at a depth of 2" using well draining soil mixture. Keep damp, warm and in bright light. 5 very large seeds per packet. Learn More
  9. ELAEOCARPUS ganitrus "Rudraksha"

    ELAEOCARPUS ganitrus "Rudraksha"

    Large tropical tree known mainly for its large round 1" seeds that are covered with an ornate, convoluted pattern. Seeds have religious significance in Hinduism, also used as beads, buttons, etc. Flowering 1/2" white blossoms in drooping racemes. Leaves are 5" long, serrulate & elliptic. 5 large marble size seeds = 1 packet. Each large "seed" that you receive actually encapsulates the true seeds which are between 5 and 8. You may choose to break the seed shell with a hammer to remove the small seeds that are within, or you may plant the large "seed". It may take up to 6 months to germinate and must be planted at a depth of 1 1/2" in well draining soil mix. Keep constantly warm, lightly moist and in full sun. 5 large seeds per packet. Learn More
  10. ELETTARIA cardamomum "Cardamon"

    ELETTARIA cardamomum "Cardamon"

    Native to India. The spicy seeds are very aromatic and used extensively for culinary purposes, It is the true Cardamom of commerce. As an ornamental plant It can reach 12 feet and have leaves to 2 1/2 with a width of 3 1/2" wide. It must be grown with constant warmth. Using well draining soil mixture plant at a 1/2" depth and keep always warm damp, in filtered sunlight. 10 seeds per packet. Learn More
  11. ENSETE glaucum "Snow Banana"

    ENSETE glaucum "Snow Banana"

    The Snow Banana is found in the high mountainous regions of China and Nepal up to 1,100 meters, and in southern China to 2,700 meters. It grows to 17' and produces a massive pendant white flowerhead. Only a photo can do this flowerhead justice. Numerous 5" fruits develop within the flowerhead, laden with black marble size seeds. The pseudostem (trunk) and the leaves are covered with a glaucous, grey-green wax, with a coloration that is "bluish". Ideal for zones 7 to 10. There are 7 seeds in this packet size. We suggest soaking the seeds for 3 days. Plant in a well draining soil mixture and at a temperature over 75 degrees F. Keep lightly moist and in bright light. Germination can take 4-8 weeks. Once germinated fertilize lightly with each watering. Be very careful to not keep soil wet. Avoid dry air. Learn More
  12. ENSETE ventricosum "Abyssinian banana"

    ENSETE ventricosum "Abyssinian banana"

    Unpredictably the size of this ornamental banana tree can vary from 15' to 34' depending mainly on the warmth and duration of your growing season. The leaf stems are noticeably lower on the pseudostem causing a wider overall look. As the older leaves die back their leaf stems remain attached to the trunk. The lower trunk becomes swollen with age as the plant becomes taller. The leaves are generally 8' long and 4' wide. Usually several years pass before flowering takes place. The showy flowers occur en masse on a thick, 10' long hanging pendulum. This is a vigorous, fast growing plant and is more tolerant of coolness than most varieties. The large black seeds are the size of a medium sized marble. ( Be sure to see our Index of BANANAS where you will find other varieties of banana that we offer as rooted rhizomes ). Plant at a depth of 1 1/2" using well draining soil mixture. Keep very warm and damp ( not wet ) with bright light & high humidity. Fertilize weekly. Be patient - seeds can germinate in 3 weeks or may take up to 8 weeks. Do not keep wet or you may actually rot the seed's embryo. 7 seeds per packet. Learn More
  13. ENTEROLOBIUM contortisiliquum

    ENTEROLOBIUM contortisiliquum

    A very fast growing Brazilian tree to 100' with broad leaflets and 3" wide ear shaped seed pods. A valuable timber tree, and outdoor ornamental shade tree. Cover the seeds with 1" well draining soil mixture, keep warm, damp and in very bright light. Fertilize monthly. 8 seeds per packet. Learn More
  14. ENTEROLOBIUM cyclocarpum "Elephant's Ear Tree"

    ENTEROLOBIUM cyclocarpum "Elephant's Ear Tree"

    This large, thick trunk shade tree is a vigorous grower. to 70' with a spreading canopy Leaves are with 7-10 pinnae - leaflets to 30 pairs with beautiful fern-like appearance. May be grown indoors if kept pruned to size. It is a source for saponin. Easy to grow. Likes warmth and bright light. Using well draining soil mixture plant at a depth of 1" and keep warm, damp and in bright light. 8 seeds per packet. Learn More
  15. ERYTHRINA abyssinica

    ERYTHRINA abyssinica

    From Sri-Lanka. This Erythrina with its brilliant red flowers reaches a height of 60’. The leaves are edible - the seeds are poisonous. Its light wood is used in fishermen s floats. Resists disease. Fresh seeds have been harvested at this time. 9 seeds per packet. Learn More

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