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  1. KIGELIA pinnata "Sausage tree"

    KIGELIA pinnata "Sausage tree"

    Tropical African tree that grows to 50', known for its 18 inch sausage shaped fruits which hang from long stalks. The branches have pendulous secondary branchlets with attractive oblong leaflets to 9". Plant at 3/4" depth using well draining soil mixture. Requires constant warmth and bright light. Keep lightly moist and fertilize monthly. Learn More
  2. KOELREUTERIA paniculata "Golden Raintree"

    KOELREUTERIA paniculata "Golden Raintree"

    A popular ornamental tree that grows to 45' that is hardy to zone 5. It develops small yellow flowers in showy panicles that can reach a length of 20". Flowering occurs in Summer and in Autumn. Easily grown. Using well draining soil, plant at a depth of 3/4". Keep lightly moist, in full sun. 13 seeds per packet. Learn More
  3. LAGERSTROEMIA indica, x. "Crape Myrtle"

    LAGERSTROEMIA indica, x. "Crape Myrtle"

    Very popular flowering tree for warmer zones. Thin, stiff branches with small elliptic leaves and covered with profuse blooms in summer. Flowers are frilled, scentless and usually pink. We offer a mixture of various shades. Using well draining soil mixture, barely cover the seeds. Keep lightly moist, warm, and in full sun. Fertilize monthly. 15 seeds per packet. Learn More
  4. LAURUS nobilis "Bay leaf"

    LAURUS nobilis "Bay leaf"

    Bay trees are desirable ornamentals. They can also be trained to give a specific shape. In warmer zones they may reach 40'. They are easily grown and can be pruned to size and grown indoors if bright light is constant. The aromatic leaves are used in cooking, perfumery & medicine. Plant at a depth of 3/4" using a well draining soil mixture. Be very careful to not keep seeds wet or they will quickly rot. Water only when your soil becomes dry at a depth of 1/2". Provide bright light. Packets contain 9 seeds. Learn More
  5. LEUCAENA leucocephala

    LEUCAENA leucocephala

    This fast growing tree from Central America has attractive small oval leaflets in great abundance giving it the look of a "handsome Mimosa". Although in may reach 65' in the tropics it may be pruned to any height desired for indoor growing. It has great value in regard to erosion control for regions that are losing soil. Easily grown with warmth and bright light. Plant seeds at a depth of 1/2" using a well draining soil mixture. Keep warm, damp and in full sun. 15 seeds per packet. Learn More
  6. LEUCOSPERMA cordifolium "Nodding pincushion"

    LEUCOSPERMA cordifolium "Nodding pincushion"

    From the Proteaceae family. One of the finest South African flowering shrubs. The flower heads are 4" across with individual tube shaped flowers curled like ribbons from which glossy "pins" emerge to cover this dome shaped "pin cushion". The flowering is variously pink/salmon/orange; leaves are 1/2" and 3" long. Mature height is 5'. Requires full sun, deep, well- drained acid soil. Avoid high humidity and wet soil. Learn More
  7. LINDERA benzoin "Northern Spice Bush"

    LINDERA benzoin "Northern Spice Bush"

    The northern spice bush is a shrubby plant that grows to 10' and had glossy 6'' leaves. It's flowers occur in clusters followed by glossy red fruit. The fruit and the foliage are both aromatic. The leaves turn a beautiful golden color in the fall. 10 seeds per packet. Learn More
  8. LINUM usitatissimum "Flax"

    LINUM usitatissimum "Flax"

    Primarily cultivated for its fiber, and for linseed oil. Annual to 4', leaves are linear, blue 1/2" flowers. For temperate zones. 15 seeds per packet. Learn More
  9. LITHOPS mixture

    LITHOPS mixture

    They look like 1" round stones with colorful flowers on top. Native to South Africa. Seeds are extremely small. Learn More
  10. LIVISTONA chinensis "Chinese Fan Palm"

    LIVISTONA chinensis "Chinese Fan Palm"

    A spectacular large fan palm that was the number one choice for of landscapers to represent the face of ornamental palms. Because of its large size it is limited in its use as an interior palm seeds per packet. . An excellent palm if you have the space. With time it can reach 35' and will develop a thick trunk and broad plaited leaves that are over 6' wide and can extend the width sideways to over 8 feet. Its fruits are a metallic blue. 8 seeds per packet. Learn More
  11. LOBIVIA cactus mixture

    LOBIVIA cactus mixture

    Very popular clumping type cacti. Both globular and round shaped. Short with very colorful flowering. Learn More
  12. LOTUS tetragonolobus "Winged Pea"

    LOTUS tetragonolobus "Winged Pea"

    A creeping annual to 1 1/2' with pea-like flowers crimson to maroon. Produces four angled fruits with four wings. For temperate zones. Small seeds are edible. 11 seeds per packet. Learn More
  13. LUFFA cylindrica "Sponge Gourd Loofa"

    LUFFA cylindrica "Sponge Gourd Loofa"

    This vegetable is eaten when young and tender, but at maturity it becomes quite large and fibrous. After removing the outer skin it may be cut into desired sizes and used as sponges. It is a vigorous vine that may also be trellised. Plant at a depth of 1 1/2" using well draining soil mixture. Keep warm, damp and in full sun; fertilize weekly. 13 seeds per packet. Learn More
  14. LYCIUM barbarum "Goji berry"

    LYCIUM barbarum "Goji berry"

    Goji berries are recognized in Asia as a nutrition food and have been used in Chinese medicine for about 1,900 years. There has been rapidly growing recognition of its nutritional and antioxidant value. There are now many consumer products made available from the berry. The plant can produce fruits within 1-2 years and reach a high of up to 6'. The leaves may be ovoid or arrow shaped and the small flowers are light purple with a five petaled star shape. May be grown outside in warmer zones or indoors with warmth and bright light. It is in the Solanaceae family. Seeds are very small, grain-like. Sow as soon as received. Broadcast the seeds using well draining soil mixture. Keep damp and in bright light. Seeds will not germinate if covered with too much soil. 13 seeds per packet. Learn More
  15. MAGNOLIA acuminata "Cucumber tree"

    MAGNOLIA acuminata "Cucumber tree"

    Known for its ornamental value with large showy flowers, with leathery ovate foliage followed by its large cucumber-like fruits. Mature height is 60'. For temperate zones. Plant at a depth of 3/4" in loamy soil. Keep damp and in bright light. 11 seeds per packet. Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 43 total

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