Frequently Ask Questions

Upon receipt of your order we send a confirmation which advises you of your order number. Most orders are shipped within ten business days and your order is not charged until we have actually packed it ready to ship.Please be sure to provide your email address since you are unable to receive the confirmation if you do not.
WE NO LONGER OBTAIN PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATES. You must contact your Agricultural Office and determine if there are any seed restrictions or special requirements. There are thousands of seed restrictions and each country is different in their policies in regard to seed restrictions. If you want an order shipped to a country requiring a PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE we will not assume any of the risk involved.
Please check with your bank to determine if your credit card allows international spending.
Please do not order items that are listed as UNAVAILABLE. It is imperative that all the fields marked with an * are filled in. If you are in a region - or in a country that does not have a zip code you simply type into the space a repeating letter such as xxxx, or 9999.
Most orders are sent within 10 business days. There are exceptions that occur. Since our seeds come from Ecuador and Central America there are sometimes delay.
We provide basic germination information with your order. The information provided is to be used as a guideline only. If germination problems arise and you feel it is due to the viability of the seed, please contact us by email immediately. We will review your claim, investigate and let you know the outcome. Claims approved are limited to the purchase price of seed only.
Generally we provide items that should be grown in well draining types of soil. One of the most common growing problems is failure due to the use of standard potting soil. We have never used "standard potting soil". It is usually very dark-black soil that has been cooked (sterilized) at 180 degrees and has no components with value. We refer to it as dead soil since it is so dense that it is similar to clay in its ability to retain water when wet and negates the ability of oxygen to flow through the soil. We would hope that you would use soil MIXES - Soil that has a MIXTURE of different components such as sand, some peat, perlite, or any components that create a soil that is more airy. Please consider switching to SOIL MIXES if you have been using standard potting soil.
When you check out of your shopping cart and submit your order your order number is displayed as the final step in the order process. It can be found at the top of the invoice on the left hand side of your order.
The weight of some seeds may be quite heavy and will affect the mailing cost. Sometimes the weights of the rhizomes of the Gingers, Heliconia, Musella and banana can exceed 1 lb. That will cause the shipping rate to be obviously higher than listed. Also keep in mind that requests for orders to be sent via FEDEX or another expedient service are much higher and we charge whatever the rate happens to be. Upon delivery to carriers, we can't be responsible for a shipments voyage. Products should be inspected upon arrival and claims made within 3 days from date received. Claims for loss or damage in transit must be filed with the carrier.
We no longer print our catalog; you can find our complete inventory online at
Don't worry; through our advanced ordering process we are able to fix typical ordering problems like this automatically. If we receive an order(s) we don't understand we will contact you.
A copy of your order was sent to you automatically after you submitted your order and checked out. Check your email you should have received it several minutes after placing your order.
For the shopping cart to function without any errors, your browser must have cookies and JavaScript enabled.
Please do not send email unless it is truly essential. We receive over 600 daily email messages and many involve questions that are already answered in this FAQ section or in the context of our website. The time involved to read and respond to email is time that should be used toward processing orders. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER VIA EMAIL. If you are reluctant to submit an order online because you think there is a charge card risk you can print off your order and mail it. (Always make a copy).