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    EDIBLE NUTS OF THE WORLD (Menninger) book

    An outstanding reference book. It covers over 1,000 species of mainly tropical and sub-tropical trees with many uncommon species including those that we offer in our website. Over 400 graphic photos are packed into 183 pages. Some subjects covered are: Cashew, Durian, Tea, Chocolate, Breadfruit, Rambutan, Litchi, Carambola, Palms – Dicots, Gymnosperms and Monocots. An excellent reference for many of the lesser known plants and trees. Fully indexed & hardbound. Weight 2 1/2 lb., 12″ x 9″ x 1″.

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    The HELICONIA book (Berry / Kress)

    This is the most comprehensive Heliconia identification source available. It is fully illustrated with color photographs that are bright, vivid and accurate. An outstanding reference for all those interested in heliconias. Botanical and horticultural names are given for each species, along with a brief description of morphological features, blooming time, habitat, and geographic distribution. Fully indexed, 334 pg. with 200 color photos. Weight 1 lb. Makes a great gift and has an unbelievable low price..

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