Exotic & Tropical Seeds in Easton, PA

It would be impossible for us to continue to do the work that we do if we didn’t have a wide variety of seeds to offer our clients. Fortunately, that is precisely what we do offer, and we will continue to do so for as long as we have customers to sell to.

Exotic Seeds of All Kinds

Many customers come directly to us to hear about the exotic and tropical seeds that we have to offer them. Indeed, this is what many people will call us about. They want to hear about the tropical seeds that we have to offer them, and we are always very excited to help out with something like this. Here are a few of the offerings that we have available for our customers:

  • Banana seeds
  • Banana plants
  • Banana rhizomes
  • Protea seeds from South Africa
  • Ponytail Palm

These are often requested from us, and that is why we always keep them in stock here in Easton, PA at The Banana Tree. We know that there are many people clamoring for these exotic plants from around the world, and we want to help them get precisely what they are looking for. Overall, there is a lot of interest in getting seeds of trees from around the world, and we help fulfill that need.

Monkey Puzzle Plant

We offer well-developed 6-year-old plants that are at least six inches tall. We ship them in a 4-inch pot. The sharply-pointed leaves grow on whorled stems. It’s name comes from the Aboriginal people who claim that monkeys climb up the tree but are puzzled about how to climb back down again.

Tropical Plant Seeds and Bulbs from Around the World

Enjoy the seeds and bulbs of plants from all around the world when you order with us. We are happy to match you up with the exact experience that you are looking for as far as your growing needs are concerned.
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Shipping Information

All orders placed by our customers are sent out via USPS, and they are typically sent out within 3 business days after the order has been placed.

Foreign Orders

There is an additional $35 charge for orders that are sent outside of the country. This is to cover the required certificates from the USDA to send certain plants outside of the country. In some cases, it may be impossible to get certain plants out to customers if they are not permitted within the country that they are in. Please check all of the current restrictions on any particular plants that you may want to purchase in order to ensure that there are no restrictions on the plants that you want to buy.

General Growing Care

Always make sure that you use the proper soil configurations as well as provide your seeds and bulbs with the right mixture of sunlight and water that they need to thrive. Failure to do so may result in these plants not turning into the fully-grown plant that you want to see. It can be very troubling to get yourself in this situation, and you will ultimately want to avoid this risk by making sure you treat your plants right.